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About us

Traditional and responsible mining.

Founded in 1881, our company uses underground mining technology to extract dolomite deposits from the Josef adit in Wellen, near the Upper Mosel river in Germany. We then process them in our aboveground facilities to produce high-quality crushed stone, grit, crushed sand and stone meals. We deliver our products to our partners all over Europe. 

We fill the cavities created inside the Josef adit by our mining operations with backfill to safeguard the mountains' long-term structural stability. In doing so, we work in close cooperation with the local authorities and always act in compliance with waste disposal regulations.

The company's own ship loading bay on the Mosel river allows materials to be transported in an environmentally friendly manner - not only to the surrounding regions in Germany and Luxembourg, but also to France, Belgium and Holland.

In January 2012, the PORR Group took over TKDZ, once more securing its presence on the market.


Our strength lies in our team.

A large number of our employees have been working at this company for many years, which means that they possess both comprehensive know-how and vast experience in their respective areas of expertise.

On the basis of these competencies and with a high degree of personal dedication, we respond immediately to our customers’ requirements and continuously adapt our products and services to the demands of the market.



Wolfgang Hirzi

Technical manager

T +49 65 84 79-0
F +49 65 84 79-29

Andrea Hauleitner

Commercial manager

T +49 65 84 79-0
F +49 65 84 79-29