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Quality control

Stringent regulations ensure the best quality.

We are responsible for using only those alternative building materials as minefill that have been approved and authorised by the relevant authorities. We have established an end-to-end control and monitoring system to ensure this.

We developed this system as a combination of in-house and third-party monitoring in accordance with both the current Ordinance on Underground Waste Fills and the Technical Regulations for the seamless quality control of foreign minefill materials. The materials are not deployed as fillers until they have passed strict tests for the required properties.

1. In-house monitoring.

First of all, the delivered material is subjected to an incoming goods inspection. This involves checking the loading papers and comparing the material's appearance, consistency and smell with those listed in the declaration. After that, we take retention samples, register them and perform identification analyses at regular intervals. Every delivery is precisely documented. This involves recording the type of material, quality, quantity and the underground filling sites.

2. Third-party monitoring.

In addition to our comprehensive in-house monitoring measures, the minefill materials are also seamlessly monitored by accredited laboratories, certified third-party monitoring agencies and the relevant authorities.